Sunday, October 4, 2009

An Unexpected Date Night

Last Friday night, a birthday dinner with friends was canceled. So my BF asked if I wanted to go on a "date" instead of going straight home after work. So we met up at Lazy Dog Cafe for a quick and yummy dinner then went to see Surrogates starring Bruce Willis.

About Lazy Dog Cafe. It's awesome. Always delish and they have great appetizers, like their fancy edamame dish sauteed in seasame oil, orange peel, soy sauce. I ordered the grilled cheese sandwich but it wasn't like a kid's menu was fancy grilled cheese on garlic toasted texas toast. Yum!

About the movie. Going into the movie, I had no idea what the movie was about. Needless to say, it was very well crafted movie. I love the Sci Fi aspect together with suspense and a love story. Bruce Willis is a great actor. I enjoyed this flick very much. Interesting note: they had Star Trek gummy candy for $1.00. It was delicious even though it was probably old. (lol) They also had brewed ice tea, candy by the scoop, and a bakery section with Starbucks drinks. This was the first time I've been in a movie theater like this. It was a great time!

I Can't Help Myself

Sometimes I just can't help myself.  I was driving to my friend's End of Summer BBQ in Wildomar and thought...hmmm...I think I remember that there is a scrapbook store in that town.  Using my iPhone, I searched and then found it, Now & Then Scrapbooks.  YAY! So of course, I had to check it out after the party. Of course.

My friend Judy went with and we had fun checking out the sweet samples they had all around. It's a decent size store with great tables for cropping. The store was organized by theme and very spacious. I found some great volleyball paper.  If you can believe it...I walked out spending less than $3.00.  YAY!

Now and Then Scrapbooks. 
23905 Clinton Keith Rd
Wildomar, CA 92595-7897

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Being Andy Warholesque with Photobooth

So just playing around...and feeling saucy with Photobooth...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Scrapfest this Saturday!

My two favorite gal pal scrappers, Gwen and Laura (aka Coco) and I are going on a Scrapfest in Placentia on Saturday. We plan to be there right when it opens with our Sbux in hand and hopes of completing many scrapbook pages! Oh to dream :)

Since we are super hard core scrappers, we are not only scrapping from 10-4, we've also signed up for their 6-midnight crop. Yes, we did! I'm thinking...cocktail scrapfest...hmmm?

So, the term "scrapfest" is just what I call it until something more clever pops in my head. Basically it's a day where we devote all of our time to scrapbooking. We've started going to new stores each time so that we have a change in scenery and have access to more scrapbook stuff. You could say it's the Sisterhood of the Traveling Scrappers. (Coco, stop gagging)

I look forward to Saturday, now which project did I scrap last? Hmmm...

Here's the link to the store, The Scrappin Table:


Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm mobile blogging now. Neat-o!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Documenting Your Life and Getting Started

Last month I attended a 5 day event called CKU (Creating Keepsakes University) in Nashville, Tennessee. Let me be the first to tell you, if you have never been before, it was very intense and very inspirational all together.

The unofficial theme of the event seemed to be about “documenting” our own lives. As scrapbookers we document our lives but through other people. We tell stories in our scrapbooks about kids and family, or in my case, my boyfriend, friends and their kids. We are just starting to realize that we need to tell our own story. We need to document important things about us that make us special - maybe even things that people don’t know about us.

Just imagine, reading your great grandmother’s scrapbook about her in her early 20s. (Even before your parents were in their lives) I’m sure you’d like to know what kind of person she was and what mattered to her at that time. How amazing would that book be if it existed? So let’s get started!

It’s all about connecting the past, present, and future together. So let’s document it!

If you’re not sure where to get started, here are some page ideas:
  • Your favorite foods
  • Your most embarrassing moments
  • The most outrageous things you’ve done
  • Your secret indulgences (ooooh)
  • Your must-haves
  • Your favorite pastimes
  • Things that annoy you
  • Things that make you laugh out loud
  • The places you have traveled
  • The places you have lived
Just make a page. Make it simple. Get it documented.

Please share and email what you’ve done. Just snap a photo and send or post a comment with other ideas or fun things you’ve done.

Happy scrapping!


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Why? Why? Why?... Why must I blog?

Here's the skinny. It started with an epiphany one night...I realized that I've been around the "scrapbooking" block a few times and maybe, just maybe, I could help at least one person take a better photo, learn more about their digital cameras, or better yet, make a scrapbook a page.

So, what I'm saying is...that even though I certainly don't know everything about scrapbooking (who does anyways?), I do know stuff and that stuff may enough to help YOU!

So, let me know what you want to learn and stay posted to this site! Gee, and if you feel so inspired, tell your friends. It wouldn't hurt. :)

Oh and one last thing...subscribe to this blog and you'll get the latest delivered right to your email. Happy Scrapping! ~C